What Contact Lenses Suits Best for Astigmatism – Toric, Hybrid Or GP?

What Contact Lenses Suits Best for Astigmatism – Toric, Hybrid Or GP?

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A lot of people believe contact lenses aren’t a good choice for someone with astigmatism. However, these days there is a lot of progress made in vision correction as well as in contacts lenses. In fact, astigmatism can be overcome with options like contact lenses. Earlier, contact lenses weren’t considered to be the best option because the lenses have high probability of moving around and hence it was not consistent in functioning properly.

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Let’s read about some of the most preferred contact lenses for treating astigmatism.

Toric Contact Lenses

Toric contact lenses are specially designed lenses which are soft and silicon hydrogel is used to make these lenses. The design of toric replacement contact lenses is very complex and hence the cost of it is usually higher than the other regular kind of soft lenses. Usually, the price of the lenses varies depending on the design, material and sometimes also on the retailer.

Gas permeable contact lenses

Another type of common contact lens used for correcting astigmatism is rigid gas permeable contact lenses. In majority of these cases, GP contact lenses can help correct astigmatism without the use of toric design. Gas permeable contact lenses are rigid and remain consistently of the same shape even after being placed in the eye. Which is why, it becomes possible for gas permeable contact lenses to function efficiently.

Hybrid contact lenses

For people opting for lenses only to correct astigmatism, the hybrid contact lenses suit the best. These lenses are made up of rigid gas permeable material and is usually made of hydrogel or silicon material. With the right fitting, these kinds of lenses provide the best experience. Besides, hybrid lenses are of the same size as of the toric soft lenses but have thinner edges as compared to GP lenses. Hybrid contact lenses have the least chance of dislocating from original place even during serious activities. Also, hybrid contacts don’t necessarily need to be replaced as frequently as any other kind of contact lenses.

The above-mentioned specialty lenses are slightly complex in nature than standard lenses and expensive too. If you are not sure about the type of contact lenses you need to go for then consult an eye doctor.

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